I am Attracted to my pal and She Wants to move around in. Does She Desire Considerably?

Thứ Sáu, 19-08-2022

Reader Question:

There is actually a woman I’ve noted for a lot more than 15 years and in addition we are really good friends. I’ve for ages been interested in her but we now have not ever been romantic. Of late, we’ve been investing much more time together, plus it may seem like there is a small amount of intimate stress. Today she wants to mention relocating with each other.

Is this the sign that she additionally desires more? I’ve never ever shared with her i desired become above friends.

-John D. (Kentucky)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

John, darling, could you be sure there’s sexual stress on both sides? This could possibly just be your own experience. If you’re undecided, ask their about it.

Most importantly, never relocate along with her! discover exactly why: If she thinks you might be merely buddies and you expect even more, there is certainly a guaranteed frustration for anyone later on. In the event that you both do like one another and so are going to come right into a sexual union, transferring together might be way-too-much-too-soon.

Residing collectively features a mathematical likelihood of separating lovers before wedding. And when you do end up marrying somebody you have got resided with, you have a much higher breakup price. A better solution, as usual, should talk things away.

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